Jagoda Goji, Kolcow? j Pospolita, Kolcow? j Szkcow? Szky? i Kolcow? Chi? ski?

LBP (Lycium Barbarum polysaccharides) bioactive polysaccharides complex soluble in water is considered to be the most valuable adjujuvant yoga complex.common (Lycium barbarum son.The reference value of life for the average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).Would you prepare the fruit properly for your life – cook it and eat it and add it to the soup.For many years, help people to fight sleepless people?Also, other people should consult their doctor before introducing the fruit into their daily diet.The most valuable and best of all fruits: grow in the central nights and nights of China, Ningxia, and also in the floodplains of this river and in the western part of China – Xinjiang?The use of Ggoda berry infusion can have many benefits: fruits and brew show anti-cancer effects, can be effective in fighting against obesity, strengthening the digestive system and regulating its work and supporting the process in regeneration of the body.Vitamin A and omega-6 acids contained in them should be used to support resistance and play a role in the process of specialization of the company’s own company.

We add Musli Lo and amarantus.They will teach you the art of d. ugowiedo, diet, and herbalism.Adaptogen provides life and strengthens the body and helps it cope better with stress by supporting adrenal work.You will lose weight and eyes? mute your body to the home animals on their basis.Its impressive fruits are rich in sugars and amino acids, and medicine has been using medicinal lemons for years.Nowadays, the Goji berries, because of their exceptional charitable activities, conquer the American and European markets and are considered to be one of the healthiest fruits of the world, and since a thousand years they have been successfully used in the traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine.In Asia, it has been used in the folk medicine of chi for thousands of years, and it is for the countless issues in their healing.We offer goji berries in 500g, 1kg, 5kg and 10kg packs.Ro? ropes are in use on the territory of post-Come-Eastern Europe and Asia.We know 85 varieties of his exhibition in Asia and 15 in America P? Nighttime.Fruits of the Gentile fruit with regard to its high level of antioxidant properties can help build new ones and regenerate old bodies, protect the DNA from damage caused by free radicals and slow down the aging process.

As it is possible that the seeds of healing may have a rich ad and s. pe. ne b. b. b. can they provide the feeling of well-being, so why do people b. d. on the diet less often eat b. d. for a different slice when it is enough to have them?Before you start preparing? smoothie in the usual berries and the peeled banana to freeze the ark and leave it for approx.Unfortunately, the gothic fruits don’t come from Tibet, it is only a marketing myth, which is repeated by dishonest sellers in order to sell it, don’t let it happen?Thanks to Western cultures discovered relatively recently, g? due to the large number of its members.It has been proved, however, that you can make a positive impact on the eyesight of the elderly.First of all, it is worth mentioning the Goyia fruits at the very beginning of the day, especially at the very beginning of the day, and additionally it contains plenty of nutrient balance, which at the foot metabolism.In order to buy a good product, it is necessary first of all not to read the label.Their group consists in a touchless shooting of the lambs, in order to preserve all their charitable adjectives, and then dries them on special mats in s. o. cu.

Contains glowodans and t. gaskets, including 5 unsaturated acids in t. of the omega-6 group of gaskets responsible for hormone production in the nervous tissue.Fruit s. r. r. d. em 5 unsaturated acids in t. gaskets, be responsible for the production of hormone in and works of nervous adu. uk.Goya goji contains a multitude of vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, E), minera? in (manganese, zinc,? elazo, mate?, nickel, chromium, magnesium, calcium?) and unsaturated acid? in t? gasket?.Gentiles – why will they work?It will help the one who had no adjective in the body during the Gentile’s show.The above mentioned addressee suggests that the use of fruit in the healing process may be beneficial, e. g. in the prevention of diabetes complications, development of tumours or prevention of cancer.On the Polish market, the best fruit is available in the form of dried fruit in the thorns – it does not confuse it with the thorns of chi.It has red fruits, resemble raisins.Goji fruit is a great admirer of cocktails, porridge and dessert.Please note that the healing fruits in dose tablets should be taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Gentile’s berry comes from the Himalayas.The name ro. rope – “bare berry” comes from the belief that it is a good humor!Look for more information about growing this rope.The rope slices are best planted in the spring or autumn on an important sown soil and can be seen in a well-possible place in the garden.People who live for medicines should thinner? Should blood avoid them?People taking medication (called anticoagulants) should pay special attention to the berries eaten?The goji is called the healthiest admirer after feeding, because it contains a lot of valuable food and vitamins and other substances from the food, such as Gentiles contain a lot of vitamins and other substances from the food, does it mean that their regular spoilage can be caused by hyperwitaminosis?It has the form of you with this parchment, on the top of your body, the berries and chopped cashews.Everyone has an eye for 30 kcal and 100 grams of the product has an eye for 350 kcal.Ski is a strongly growing shrub that grows up to 2-3 m high.S. sk. admirer of tea and juice without preservative.I don’t know why, but other people in the family don’t feel tempted by these fruits.How wasn’t an accident registered in poisoning caused by their ingestion.


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